Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges are targets which can be used for practising shooting. From Longarm to pistol, we’ve got everything for you – loan, insurance, a target, Ammunition, entrance and ear plugs. The range fees various for different shooting person such as for junior, it would cost $10, $20 for pensioner, $35 for an adult, and $25 for an adult member.

Before you heed down to the range, it’s better to familiarize yourselves with the following range rules, namely:

  • Ear Protection which is mandatory on all types of ranges.

  • Eye Protection which is necessary for juniors who are under 18.

  • Eyes Protection is mandatory for all persons who use firearm.

  • On the firing line you must wear closed toe shoes.

  • On firing lines, singlets or excessive open neck tops are not allowed.

  • Minimum age for shooters must be 12 years. And, for juniors ranging b/w 12 to 18, proper supervision must be provided.

  • A prohibited person is not allowed to use range facility for shooting.