Shooting Field

Shooting field, also called as shooting ground or shooting range is a facility meant for archery or practice of firearms. These facilities are overseen by supervisory personnel’s. Also referred to as Range safety officer or Range conducting officer. The ranges can be indoor or outdoor. Adding in, they are restricted to certain arms type such as bows, rifles, handguns and more.. The range or place or specifically shooting ground is situated in distant places of forests. Without the supervision, people can use them on their own.

Various Shooting Stances

Shooting stance is thus, very crucial and cannot be ignored or overlooked. It provides a strong shooting foundation. So,  if this foundation gets flawed, other hard work goes wasted and can create major problems.

Isosceles stance

It is a standard. Here the shooter face his target squarely and his feet/shoulders are far apart. The toes face are targeted and aligned. The position of body has positive effect on accuracy. Adding in, it has side to side stability.

Weaver stance

The weaver stance has now-a-days replaced the isosceles stance. It provides a pull push grip which helps in weapon control at general. Here the shooter blades his body, places foot on side back and turn supports towards target.

Fighting stance

This stance was developed for fighting in the military forces. It allows officers for defending themselves. Herein, the shooter is square to target. His feets are slightly wider and his firing side foot is behind the support side foot.

More Shooting Stuffs

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